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2011 Theme Songs

  • "If I Listen WIth My Heart" (Friend Magazine)
  • "I will Follow God's Plan" (p.164)
  • "Stand For The Right" (p.159)
  • "Praise To The Man" (Hymn 27, Verses 1 and 3)
  • "I Love To See The Temple" (p.95)
  • "The Lord Gave Me A Temple" (Hymn 153)
  • *(Each poster includes all verses, unless stated otherwise)

This year, the church has given us 6 specific theme songs (above),
and for 2 of the months have stated;

"Song of your choice from
The Children's Songbook, Hymns, Friend, or Liahona."

The 2011 Theme Song Kit will include the 6 songs listed above.

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