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Singing Apron  
Make singing time fun. I put a strip of paper with 1 song in each pocket or the apron. It is a great way to review the songs, and the kids love to pick from the pockets. Occasionally there is a special surprise like a sticker in one of the pockets with the song.

Elephant Leader  
This is especially fun for Jr. primary age children. I drew a large elephant head on a poster board. Where the trunk should go, cut a hole. The children then get a turn to help me lead the music. They put their arm through the trunk and become the elephant singing leader.

Tic - Tac - Toe  
Make a large tic tac toe board on the chalkboard. Make very large X’s and O’s (laminate). Usually played boys against girls. Middle square is the “theme song” for the month. Each other square is a question about a song, and they have to guess which song it is, or the correct answer. If they get it right, you sing the corresponding song, and that team gets to put their X (or 0) in that square. Great fun.

Headband Hero  
A great one for when the kids are needing to repeat a song over and over, but to help it not be monotonous. Invite 1 child to come to the front of the room and wear a ‘sweat’ headband on their head. The singing leader has a bucket of words. She pulls one out and shows it to the pianist and the other children and places it on the sweat band, where the 1 child can’t see it. Begin singing the song. As you come to the word that is stuck on the headband, the primary doesn’t sing that word. The child with the headband on has to try and tell us what word comes next - that we didn’t sing. Sr. Primary loves this one.

Crying Mother  
This one is a crowd pleaser! Be careful, once you do this, they’ll beg for it every week.

Draw a picture of a mother on a heavy poster board. Where her eyes are, cut out small holes, for squirt bottle nozzles to fit through. Squirt bottles are hidden behind the poster.

Tell the children that when they sing so wonderfully it makes the mothers in the audience begin to cry. (The kids have no idea there are squirt bottles back there). As the kids begin to sing the way you want them to, gradually move behind the poster board, and squirt the primary children with the mothers “tears”.

As I said, I bring this out once a year, in time for the program...

Stop and Go  
Use a black poster board, and turn it into a stop light using colored cellophane

(Red, Yellow, Green).
Yellow is _____ (hum, stand, boys/girls, etc)
GREEN is GO (everyone)

Let those who are doing their best be the one to come up and shine the flashlight through the holes.

Song - Picture Match  
Get pictures from the library and place them in a box. Have the children pick out one song at a time. As they pick out a picture, have them tell you which song it reminds them of and sing that song.

Musical Dice  
Make your own dice and on each side put how you want the song sung. Let the children take turns rolling the dice. Ex. slow, fast, like a mouse, eyes closed, etc

Bishop's Tie  
Get old ties from DI. I usually just invite one of our male teachers up for this job. As the children sing their best, we get to cut off a little bit of the tie. I do this as we practice for the program, and then during the program I hold up little bits of the tie that I cut off - they LOVE that.

(be sure to explain to them that we don’t ever cut our daddy’s Musical Tie)

Hot or Cold  
Draw a musical note on a piece of paper, cut out and laminate. Ask one child to step out of the room while another child hides the musical note. Have the pianist start playing the desired song. As the child who was out in the hall come in and begins searching for the note, the rest of the primary sings louder as they get closer, to the hidden note, and softer if they are far away. All ages love this one.

Yarn and Can  
Poke a hole in the top of a Pringles can. Get a few colors of yarn, (or a multi colored yarn). If the yarn is ‘red’ they sing slow, if ‘blue’ they hum, if ‘yellow’ they hop while singing, etc. Have your yarn tied together, and as the singing leader, slowly or quickly pull yarn out of can. It really keeps their attention! (I keep it to 3 colors)

Children love to play musical instruments. I started collecting anything that could hold rice or beans and began making my own musical instruments. Pie tins hooked together, toilet paper rolls, etc. Children love to keep rhythm. Nursery kids LOVE this as well.

Pick a Flower  
Hide flowers all over the room. Let the children one at a time pick a flower. Sing the song on the back. Put the flowers in a bouquet up near the front of the room. At the end of primary, give the bouquet to someone special (pianist, teacher, etc)

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